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One cannot deny how typical the term 'immunity'/'immune power' has turned in today's scenario. True! The body's mechanical system works relying on its immune cells, acting to combat foreign agents, microbes, and other harmful particles that stake overall health. However, the hidden truth is that oftentimes your immune system can fail due to a lack of essential vitamins and nutrient deficit. Unfortunately, most Americans intake lesser levels of nutrients and fibers than the body demands- the fast-food age is a prospective reason behind it. 

Whenever the immune system is functioning at its best, the body is effectively protected. However, a compromised immune system can raise the risk of infections, retarded wound healing, and contagious diseases like colds. You can ensure scheduling a healthy diet and consume health/immunity-promoting supplements to promote a healthy immune function and satisfy nutritional needs.

The Role of Immune Additives

A robust immune system with proactive immune cells functioning ensures that your body gets guarded against all disease types (air-borne, food-borne, etc.). Bending over the backward, nutrient supplements can directly improve immune response and enhance the production of monocots, WBCs, and macrophages. On the bright side, you will find a myriad range of immunity-boosting supplements. While some of these are target-specific, most others work typically to elicit a quick immune potential when a foreign agent gets encountered. 

The Five V's

When it comes to improving immune responses, your body prominently requires vitamins to get into action. Recent researches suggest that a deficit of vitamins turned out to be a common factor among most Covid-19 patients experiencing a delayed recovery phase. Vitamin supplements positively impact overall health by triggering consistent immune mechanisms in the long run. Here are the 5 V's you will need,

  1. Vitamin A

Vitamin A doubles up as an immune-boosting vitamin due to its anti-inflammatory property. Vitamin A mediates the bone marrow population and elicits both humoral and cell-mediated immune responses. Another micronutrient of primary significance in promoting immune response includes carotenoids- a Vitamin A precursor which enhances T and NK cell populations in the lymphoid tissues. 

  1. Vitamin B

Vitamin B6 keeps red blood cell production under check, transporting oxygen to all cells (including immune cells) so that they work appropriately. In the bottom line, vitamin B can be crucial in direct and indirect ways to promote immune responses. However, Vitamin B (B6, B12) carrying out oxygen transportation may not be adequately available via typical American diets! 

  1. Vitamin C

Vit C is the most obvious vitamin that facilitates optimal immune mechanisms under any condition. Primarily, vitamin C supplements help mediates cell death- which digests old immune cells or cells infected with the foreign agent- a vital segment of the immune response.  

  1. Vitamin D

Vitamin D supplements often regulate immune responses against air-borne diseases and lower the risk of respiratory disorders. Additionally, Vit D enhances healing and anti-inflammation.  

  1. Vitamin E

Prescribed uptake levels of vitamin E are pretty low, and so is its concentration in your diet. However, Vit E is a powerful antioxidant and plays a crucial role in various immunity-based biochemical reactions. 

 Immune Boosters From

As mentioned, most vitamins and a few minerals like iron, selenium, and zinc ensure your immune response is adequate. That's why brings to you the best immunity supplements rich in optimal levels of versatile micro and macronutrients.